New AppSource App added : EasyGO! POS
Improve the shopping experience of your customer with EasyGo! POS. Your customer will use a mobile device while shopping and more

Price Ckeching and ClockInOut for MK500
Two Apps specially designed for Motorola MK500 now extra attractively priced by ScanSource more

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Datalogic meets AppSource - Enjoy selected Apps for one year
Datalogic, ScanSource Europe and AppSource team up to deliver ready-made datacapture AppSource applications....Click text to find out more.

New AppSource App added : Solicom ClockInOut
Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use time and attendance app. With just a single screen showing the current time allowing for scanning a text to find out more.

Motorola MK500 joins the AppSource Community
Motorola's Micro Kiosk MK500 has been certified on AppSource, offering resellers to deliver customers self-service options such as price check.

New AppSource App added : EasyGo! PriceCheck
Let your customers check on the fly the price of products they are buying at your store. Improve customer text to find out more.

Over 35 ready-2-go applications
AppSource now hosts over 35 applications which are all ready-2 boost your software earnings. Stay tuned on as more applications will come.....

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"We are very excited to be playing a part in the AppSource ecosystem. We hope our introductory applications have hit the Resellers’ needs. We are really looking forward to getting their feedback."
J. Soler
Logiscan Mobility Software

"AppSource allows HHT Solutions to provide worldwide, world beating solutions from a local base, a market that would have been impossible for us without AppSource. Our end user customers get a total solution with a higher and fuller level of service. We can do more, better, smarter by using AppSource."
Richard Freeth
Managing Director, HHT Solutions

Applications for

Motorola - MK500

2 of 2 apps
Ver 1.00
Feb 28, 2012

Solicom ClockInOut

Solicom ClockInOut is an easy to use application, with just a single screen showing the current time and after scanning a badge, a welcome or goodbye message is shown for the person just scanned. Badges that are allowed for entrance can be put in a lookup table. All badges scanned are saved in a report table. Via a supervisor menu, activated by a configurable special badge number, the download and upload of both tables can be controlled.
Ver 1.00
Feb 26, 2012

EasyGo! PriceCheck

Let your customers check on the fly the price of products they are buying at your store. Improve customer satisfaction and customer experience with this self-service application. Designed for a wall-mounted device, your customers are able to check the price, get product information, and even get a picture of the product they are buying just by reading the product’s barcode. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away with EasyGo!PriceCheck.